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Registration Information

Online registration for POWER Symposium 2021 and POWER Lymphatics is not yet open. If you are interested in receiving notifications once registration is open, email POWER@administrare.com.

POWER Symposium 2021 Rates

  • POWER 2021
    This includes all workshops and POWER-sponsored meals and activities, March 2 – 4.
  • POWER 2021 + POWER Lymphatics Courses
    This includes all POWER events, along with select POWER Lymphatics workshops, March 3 – 5.
  • NOTE: $50 CREDIT
    If you refer one ore more therapists to attend POWER Lymphatics, you will receive a $50 credit back to your account after the therapist(s) register. Ask them to enter your name in the “referred by” field on their registration form.

POWER Lymphatics Rate

  • POWER LYMPHATICS (for therapists)
    Price includes access for lymphedema therapists to POWER Lymphatics workshops, the Exhibit Hall and all POWER-affiliated meals and social functions, March 3 – 5 (see schedule). Note: therapists can register for POWER Symposium content within the registration form.

Payment Methods

Pay via credit card after completing the registration form. To pay using another method, contact us via email or call 978-927-7800.