2016 Session Overviews

Keynote Presentations

How to Succeed in a Competitive Environment
Judi Moreo, CSP

Are you making the most of your untapped ability and imagination? How well do you react to unexpected challenges and conflicts? How resilient are you? You don’t have to be blessed with outstanding talent or great intellect to be a success. All you need to do is step-up the power of your thinking and crystallize your thoughts and aims…then translate them into positive action.

Judi Moreo, author of Conquer The Brain Drain, provides you with a surefire technique for setting up a “lifetime success pattern” based on proven principles. In this program, she shares powerful methods for developing strong mental attitudes and shaping your mental habits so that you can realize the success you want – in terms of money, relationships, influence, security, and happiness. She will show you how to recognize and get rid of “tomorrow-itis,” how to multiply your personal experience, and how to release the “negative factors” that have been holding you back. You will come to understand how to:

  • Accomplish what you want to accomplish
  • Apply the power of your own creativity to find ways and means of overcoming obstacles
  • Give yourself “motivational monologues” so that you can forecast your own success
  • Use “individual brainstorming” to spark creative imagination in your business and personal lives
  • Bolster optimism, take chances, and embrace life.

It is not what is happening to you or around you but how you respond to what happens that has the greatest effect on the course of your life.

THE DEEPDIVE™: Innovation and Problem Solving
Andy Boynton

The DeepDive™ program will leverage your team's talents, brainpower and experience to create tangible solutions to a wide variety of business issues such as planning change, creating a vision, formulating a strategy, redesigning a process, or launching new services. The DeepDive™ Team Approach is a process that is practical, pragmatic, deliverable and innovative. It creates a flow of ideas that quickly develops strategy with concrete solutions on a short deadline. DeepDive™ will create BIG Change and Innovation in a rapid and focused approach. The approach uses strong leadership of your best people that will lead to development of a clear mandate. The team will not compromise until the job is done! Professor Andy Boynton is the co-creator of DeepDive™ which has been used hundreds of times with organizations around the world to bring interactive energy, excitement and results to workshops, meetings, and conferences. DeepDive™ is a highly customized program that can lead to results that:

  • Create innovative growth strategies
  • Develop new products or services
  • Redesign the organization
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Manage and lead change
  • Create a positive and tangible vision for the future


Lymphedema Treatment and Management
Emily Iker, M.D., understands Lymphedema because she lives with Lymphedema. As director of Lymphedema Center in Santa Monica, she has dedicated her practice to diagnosing and managing Lymphedema, and now Lipedema. During this workshop, she’ll provide a thorough explanation of the condition, outline clear misconceptions of current Lymphedema issues and discuss best practice treatments. You’ll also learn about what is on the horizon for treating and managing Lymphedema in the future.

Expanding Your Business with Hair Loss Solutions
Anne Kelley, a successful wig studio owner and HairUWear Educator, will demonstrate how to expand your business by providing ready-to-wear alternatives for women experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment, Alopecia, Trichotillomania and other causes. During this workshop, Anne will review the process of providing compassionate and efficient consultations, provide information regarding medical reimbursement for cranial prosthesis, and outline how to successfully market hair loss solutions. You’ll also learn about the support HairUWear offers retailers expanding into the alternative hair category.

Breast Cancer Surgical Trends and Fitting Techniques
A panel including a surgeon, nurse navigator and professional fitter will discuss trends and treatments for breast cancer, as well as proper fitting techniques based on treatment. They’ll also expand on cancer-related issues patients are facing and how retailers can better network with the medical community to ensure that the patient is getting the products needed to aid in recovery and post-treatment.

Accreditation and Certification Overview
Michelle Yoon from BOC will address the facility accreditation and personal certification and re-certifications process.

Medicare: What You Need to Know
During this session, you'll have access to the experts who can answer all your questions. After a general session presentation, we’ll break out into groups based on Medicare jurisdiction. Medicare representatives will explain surety bonds, Medicare applications, audits and how recent changes will affect you and your customers. All speakers also will available during exhibit hours throughout the conference to answer your questions one-on-one.