2014 Workshop Session Overviews

Inside the Box: The Systematic Inventive Thinking Method
Drew Boyd
Learn how innovation is not brainstorming but rather a structured process to focus creative output. Boyd will explain his step-by-step process that starts with creating a hypothetical solution first and then outlining the problems that it solves. This is exactly opposite of the traditional way people invent as usually one starts with a problem and then tries to invent solutions to solve it. That is not always effective because many times we do not know all the problems that will be encountered when using a new product or service. When we reverse the direction—Solution to Problem—unforeseen problems are uncovered and innovative solutions are developed. You’ll come away from this keynote with concrete examples of how this method will work for your business.

Best Practices in Retail HME
Jack Evans
HME’s need to diversity their revenue in order to meet the home healthcare (HHC) needs of the aging Baby Boomers while remaining profitable. Learn how to transition from reimbursement to retail revenue, from storeroom to showroom, from intake to sales, from one to multiple products per transaction, and from patients to customers. Compare benchmark numbers for traditional vs. retail HME businesses, showing best practices for location, showroom design, merchandising, sales, staffing, advertising, and marketing. Expand your HHC offering to include patient compliance and education (i.e. disease management). Learn how to partner with third party health plans and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) by acting as the new patient care coordinators and generate revenue by documenting all patient education for disease management and compliance.

Lymphedema Treatment and Management
Steve Norton
One of the primary thought leaders in Lymphedema, Norton will provide a thorough explanation of the condition. He’ll outline clear misconceptions of current Lymphedema issues and discuss best practice treatments. You’ll also learn about what is on the horizon for treating and managing Lymphedema in the future.

Laugh More, Stress Less: Laugh ‘Til You Leak
Jana Stanfield
Did you know that laughter is a learned skill? Those of us who work in the helping professions need to develop laughter skills for stress reduction, endorphin elevation and simple self-defense. This stress reduction session is full of fun and laughter. You will leave this empowering keynote with improved coping skills that you can immediately apply for stress reduction, endorphin elevation and mental health maintenance.

Medical Marketing Based on Surgical Trends
A panel of medical experts, including surgeons and a nurse navigator, will discuss trends and treatments for breast cancer and other conditions. They’ll also expand on cancer-related issues patients are facing and how retailers can better network with the medical community to ensure that the patient is getting the products needed to aid in recovery and post-treatment.

Accreditation, Certification and Medicare: What You Need to Know
During this half-day session, you'll have access to the experts who can answer all your questions. Speakers will discuss the facility accreditation and personal certification process, along with surety bonds, Medicare applications and re-certifications. We'll also have representatives from each Medicare jurisdiction to explain how recent changes will affect you and your customers. All speakers will available during exhibit hours throughout the conference to answer your questions one-on-one.