2017 Session Overviews

Amoena Advanced Fit Course
Susan Murray, National Education Manager, Amoena USA Corporation

Amoena will help retailers gain knowledge about products and services that support women in their recovery from breast surgery. Learn how the correct fit of carefully designed breast forms and bras can benefit women, whether immediately after surgery or after years of survivorship.

Billing Non-Assigned, Selling at Retail, and Other Hot Button Issues
Jeffrey S. Baird, Esq., Attorney, Brown & Fortunato PC

With 78 million Baby Boomers retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day, the demand for women’s specialty products is increasing exponentially. Counterbalanced against this increasing demand is the fact that Medicare and other third party payors are reducing reimbursement. This is the proverbial “irresistible force meeting the immovable object.” In order to meet this challenge, the specialty supplier must move out of their comfort zone. This program will discuss ways you can accomplish this. Specific issues to be addressed include:

  • What is the difference between a “participating” and a “non-participating” supplier and can you switch?
  • What is Medicare’s anti-discrimination rule and how to avoid violating it?
  • What does it mean to bill Medicare on a non-assigned basis?
  • When is it appropriate to use an ABN?
  • When selling Medicare-covered items for cash, can you charge the patient less than the Medicare allowable?

Additionally, this program will discuss how you can aggressively move into the retail space while avoiding legal pitfalls. Other “hot button” issues how to innovatively … but legally … market your products and services, and how to properly enter into arrangements with physicians and other referral sources.

Own Your Runway
Jane Jenkins Herlon, CSP
Doing this entertaining, engaging and enlightening presentation, author, humorist and beauty pageant "survivor,” Jane Jenkins Herlong cultivates mindsets for overcoming life’s obstacles and owning your brand. Powerful successful women, whether they are beauty queens or distribution goddesses, don’t let others dictate their worth, they own their runway.

Selling the Invisible: Four Keys to Marketing Your Retail Services
Christine K. Clifford, CSP, CEO/President of Christine Clifford Enterprises
Struggling to market your services? During this informative and inspirational workshop, Christine, a true leader in marketing services, will give you more ideas in just one morning, than you would get in a full year. Guaranteed!  You'll discover:

  • Why you must charge a premium for your services and overcome fear – even in a market where customers seem increasingly price sensitive.
  • Why positioning yourself as a brand – even though you're an individual – brings you more business.
  • What your packaging (how your retail space is organized) says – or doesn’t say – about you and your service to prospective customers.
  • Strategies to establish, keep, nurture, expand and grow your client base even in tough markets by creating extraordinary relationships that are memorable and life-lasting.

If you've got the ideas and the expertise, you'll leave ready to take action! 

Juzo Academy
Caroline Pinney, Education & Training Manager, Julius Zorn Inc.
Juzo will teach you everything you need to know about compression modalities, including the differences between medical compression garments and compression wraps. You will learn the science of compression and which compression modality is best suited for each individual.